away from the crowd………….


she stands

still damp from the shower

beads of water hugging her form

my eyes wandering over her

her hair almost crimson




she tempts me


she smiles

and nods in the direction of a bale of towels


You don’t mind do you?


she takes the towel from my hand and lifts one leg over the small bench and sits

her hands begin to rub the cotton over her

and no-one else is around


her skin flushes to the stroking

raising blood to the surface


I take a small towel and begin to pull it over her thigh

my fingers feeling the flesh through fabric



she smiles

she drops the towel she holds to the floor

and places one hand down on the bench behind her hips

she slowly parts her knees

exposing herself to me


I feel my stomach churn

she smiles and takes my hand

peeling my fingers from the held towel

and pushes my head down


Lick me


she shudders softly as my mouth touches

my lips hold hers

tugging gently

and then releasing

her body shudders to my touch, feeling the waves of pleasure shooting up her body

and then my tongue flicks over her little bud

and she moaned out as she cums

I lick faster

my hand on inner thigh sliding up to her sex

her mind races a mile a second, feeling the sensations washing over her like a growing ocean

my lips wrap around her clit and I suck

my finger sliding through her swollen lips

traces her opening

feeling her wetness coating it

she moans out louder, her pussy grinding my hand, her back arching at each suckle

and I gently slide into her


I pull my head back

and start to rub her clit with my other hand



firm circles

she watches me, panting softly as she felt her body being driven on by my touch

her head arching back as she moans louder, feeling her swollen clit receiving the attention due

I feel her buck against my finger inside

I smile

hearing her moans

and pull back my hand

put two fingers together

and push back in

I feel her tense, and then relax

and return my mouth to her clit

her hands run through my hair, letting out a soft mutter as she grinded against my mouth, her legs shaking

my tongue circles it

sucking and flicking

as my hand begins to rotate

stroking her walls

I begin to hum

the vibrations possessing her soul

her thighs clasp tighter against my head, moaning out more as she feels the intense pleasure grow, building her pressure inside

driving me on

my finger stretches upwards


searching for the magic spot

I hum louder

she grips me tighter still, her orgasm so very close

I feel it

and rub

pressing down hard on her g

my mouth opens

engulfs her clit

lashing it with my tongue

she screams out as she cums again

my hand moves to her thigh

holds her steady

feeling the trembles

her body shaking

I feel her pussy spasm

tight around my fingers


I sit up

my hand still deep within

place the other on her neck

and pull her close

and kiss

she kisses back, kissing deeply as her eyes close

leaning into my arms


Do you taste yourself on my lips?


She nods

my chin glistens

she licks her juices from my chin, kissing me again as we share the taste

I pull my hand up

the heel of my palm pushing over her swollen clit

and I lick my fingers

she lets out a soft moan as she leans against me

I tilt her head and find those sweet red lips again


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